We source, collect and locate world class furniture and interior products to add variety and comfort to living and work spaces.

We understand how difficult it is to find the time or resources to define, locate and source your Residential apartment and Villa projects or commercial interiors and this is where VO Sourcing comes in. We research and travel often far and wide across the world to find and source beautiful furniture along with the most unusual and exotic Collectables, lighting and interior products – products that showcase the story of how they were created with the most unique and meticulous craftwork of master craftsmen; products that create excitement and intrigue the observer; products that exhilarate through their character style and beauty!

About Us

VO sourcing was conceived in 2011, after 20 years in the architectural and interior design field.

VO Sourcing is led by the award-winning and noted architectural designer, Sarabjit Singh. Since then, VO Sourcing has delivered over 100 projects, regularly showcased in Media and leading International magazines. Our project experience includes Interior design for residential spaces, Office interiors, Hotel interiors and Luxury outdoors. Our favourite projects are those where we are able to create from the ground up or, in the case of an existing space, those where we can create the most comfort and impact.

At VO Sourcing, our experienced team includes award-winning interior designers, registered architects, fabric consultants, technical design drawings specialists, and a host of international sourcing partners who collaborate to provide design solutions and goods that meet each client’s needs.

Why Choose VO Sourcing

Sourcing unique products from international markets made accessible

Collaborative designing that improves upon what you need and what you prefer

Trade pricing and door to door delivery and set up

We aim to deliver the ‘WOW’ Experience!

Give your residential or commercial interior spaces the ‘WoW’ factor

World class sourcing service for unique and bespoke products from around the world.