Buying and installing new flooring into our homes is one of the biggest investments we can make. And for anyone who is planning this purchase, the choices can be overwhelming. Not to say, confusing unless you have done your homework. Our team spends quality time with each and every client, understanding their needs, lifestyle, and budget. For example, solid wood floors are great for living rooms or bedrooms whereas laminates are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Again, maintenance is an issue so we recommend the best floors that are easy to maintain.

Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to solid wood (or natural stone) when you are on a budget. Laminate floors are multi-layered synthetic floors that look just like the real thing. The core is composed of fibre board and melamine resin to make them waterproof. A high quality print in wood or stone effect is pasted on top, and the floors are protected from fading or scratching through a protective coating over the graphic layer. They are very durable and can be installed in any living area including bathrooms and kitchens.

Engineered wood floors are the next best option after solid wood. The surface of these floors is solid wood while the core has several layers of prime plywood fused together. The multilayer construction makes these floors extremely tough and resilient. In fact, customers love them in their basements and conservatories.

Solid wood flooring is obviously the real thing and hence the most expensive, but guaranteed to last for generations. The vinyl flooring segment has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. This has been primarily due to the introduction of better manufacturing practices, exclusive designs and easier installation. In fact, Luxury vinyl tile floors are a big hit with customers looking for stunning floors for their homes or offices.

Customers are leaning more and more toward floors with excellent performance that are easy on maintenance. With a hectic lifestyle and things becoming costlier by the day, few people have the time or money to invest in elaborate cleaning and maintenance. What people want are floors that are durable and retain their glamorous look without an elaborate scrubbing or mopping schedule. While the appeal of solid hardwood is eternal, regular maintenance can be an issue. So people are looking for alternatives such as engineered hardwood, vinyl and laminates.



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