Our Sourcing Process

How We Source

With decades of experience in sourcing unique and bespoke products for residential and commercial interiors, and with a strong international sourcing network, we have simplified international sourcing for our clients. Through the VO Sourcing network, you get access to world-class manufacturing facilities and top furniture outlets for furniture, lighting, outdoor, collectibles, artwork, accessories, cabinets and wardrobes. VO Sourcing provides access to international designs and quality interiors design products with the latest fabrics and finishes at trade and factory prices.

VO Sourcing in 4 simple steps


Creation of design concept, layout and inventory

We initiate the process by discussing and creating the design concept, layout and inventory. We outline the scope and objective of the project with special attention to design and aesthetics. Part of this process is to understand the best-fit products that suit your needs, taste and concept.


Sourcing of Products depending on design concept from best-suited country/ location

Once the design concept, layout and inventory are finalized, we source products from various countries/locations. To offer products at the best price without compromising on quality, we focus on sourcing directly from the manufacturer at trade and factory prices.


Curated tour with the client

We arrange for a curated tour across locations prior to sourcing the products. This includes outlet visits as well as visits to international markets.


Delivery and set-up

We take care of all the necessary paperwork required to source products internationally. This means that we facilitate, coordinate and inspect all product shipments making sure only the right products are delivered. Should any concerns arise, we step in and handle those situations for you.

It’s that simple!

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