Restoring a property means to return it to its original condition without changing the function or layout and without choosing a finish or colour from another era. Restoration projects are most common among older homes. Restoring projects include refinishing the floor to match its original material and colour, replacing or repairing doors and windows, restoring cabinets, fireplaces and other carpentry to its original condition and sourcing original or replica small parts such as doorknobs.

Restoration can play a very important role in the styling of interiors as it can change the entire look and feel of the space. Carpentry, transforming furniture, colour schemes, upholstery, flooring, kitchen cabinets, technology upgrades and increased room efficiency.

Furniture restoration involves tackling any aspect of work that’s required to get an old dresser or chair as close to the original condition or a complete makeover to change the entire look of the piece. Wood refinishing, restoration, lacquering, painting and reupholstering contribute to a complete transformation. Often, it’s more than just a facelift — it’s making the item usable again and possibly even adding value.


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